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Aggregate Digital Projected Image Competition; 19th October 2016.

October 20, 2016

On Wednesday 19th October 2016, the club held an Aggregate Digital Projected Image Competition. The judge for the evening was Dave Silk. Thank you Dave, you regularly judge at our club and are always a welcome visitor. You had a very busy evening with over 70 images, but you gave a full critique on every one and gave suggestions as to improvements on many of them. The audience clearly enjoyed your commentary.

The results were:

20 Points; Sam Dibb-Fuller, Phoebe Ward.
19 Points; Lynsey King, Phoebe Ward, Lee Hutchinson.
18 Points; Sam Dibb-Fuller x 2, Eddie Norton, Lee Hutchinson, Diana Janes, Phoebe Ward, Lynsey King.

20 Points; Julie Foreman, Mary Venables, George Pearson.
19 Points; June Hill x 2, Julie Foreman, Janine Ball.
18 Points; June Hill, George Pearson, Ian Howard x 3.
Congratulations to all those placed above.

Paul (pub sec).

Aggregate Mono Print Competition 5th October 2016.

October 6, 2016

On Wednesday 5th October 2016, the club held a Mono Print competition.
Our judge for the evening was Kirsty Ralfs LRPS. Thank you Kirsty for providing a critique that was right on the ball. The members enjoyed your anecdotes, and your advice on how to improve their images. As usual there were a large number of prints submitted, which made it a full evening of judging.

The results were:

20 Points: Jess Ramsden x 2.
19 Points: Diana Janes.
18 points: Diana Janes, Caroline West, Carole Humberstone, Lee Hutchinson x 2, Bill Venables.

20 Points: Janine Ball x 2, George Pearson, Mary Venables.
19 Points: Julie Foreman, x 2, Ian Howard.
18 Points: Dave Bish x 2, June Hill, Janine Ball.

Congratulations to all the above.

Paul (pub sec).

Uploader open for 1st digital comp of 2016-17 season

October 3, 2016

The “Uploader” is now open for digital entries for the first aggregate competition of this season to be held on the 19th October 2016.

Please remember that you will need to use new 2016/17 season Uploader; install and use the correct variant for your section i.e. Intermediate or Advanced. See the Uploader page for more information.

This is an open subject competition. We hope that some of our new members will be entering.  Please ask for advice if you are uncertain about the process. We also have some helpful info on the Digital Guidelines page. Good luck everyone.

Deadline for all submissions (disc/email/uploader) is Weds 12th October. Entries on CD/DVD should be handed in at the club meeting (on the 12th).

Printing Presentation Notes available

September 30, 2016

Janine and Mary gave an excellent presentation about printing photographic images this week (28th Sept 2016). The slides and some condensed notes are now available on the Tutorials page.

Aggregate Colour Print Competition 21st September 2016.

September 23, 2016

On Wednesday 21st September 2016, the club held an Aggregate Colour Print Competition. This was the first competition of the new season.

Our Judge for the evening was Cherry Larcombe DPAGB ARPS EFIAP BPE4*.

Thank you Cherry for your detailed examination and critique of over 70 images which had been submitted. As always the audience clearly enjoyed your constructive comments as well as your suggestions as to how some of the images could be improved.

The results were

20 points: Julie Foreman, Chris Jones, George Pearson, June Hill, Janine Ball.
19 points: Julie Foreman, Sarah Smith, Chris Jones, Ian Howard x 2, Paul Glanville.
18 points: George Pearson x 2, Sarah smith, June Hill, Dave Longley, Dave Bish, Chris Jones.

20 points: Jess Ramsden, Bill Venables.
19 points: Caroline West.
18 points: Sam Dib Fuller, Bill Venables, Jess Ramsden.

Congratulations to the above.

Paul (pub sec).

IMPORTANT: New Uploader Required

September 11, 2016

A new Uploader (version 1.4) is required for the 2016-17 season.

The committee have decided to bring the digital competitions in line with the print competitions; so there are now two sections (Intermediate and Advanced) in the digital competition as well.

PLEASE confirm which section (Intermediate or Advanced) you will be competing in for the 2016-17 season. You will not be able to change sections part way through the season. If you are unsure then please have a chat with a committee member.

Another change is that there will be more flexibility in the number of entries that may be accepted for each competition in order to cope with the total volume of entries received. Simply upload your entries in order of preference.

This change means that a new version (1.4) of the Uploader is required for the 2016-17 season. Uploader 1.4 comes in two variants: one for the Intermediate section and one for the Advanced section.

Please ensure that you download the correct section variant. For households that have both I and A workers there is no problem having both variants on the same machine.

Please delete your existing version and download the correct variant of version 1.4 from the links on the Uploader page on the website.

2016-17 Programme on-line

July 13, 2016

I have updated the Programme page for 2016-17. Please let me know of any errors and ommisions. In the meantime, I hope you are having a great Summer.